Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from Canada:

I am from Bangalore living in Canada for 24 years. I would like to remain anonymous please. I am a very strong believer of Baba. Baba came into my life in November 2017 when I was going through difficult time in life.

Om Sai Ram. I have been unhappily married for 24 years I can say. But the blessing is my son who is God’s gift. Suddenly my son has a medical condition due to being hit in hockey and had concussion. My life has shattered after that. My son is my life, I am living because of my son. My son is my heart and soul and reason for my living. I have no one on this earth except my son. He is 22, Baba please heal him completely; give him good health and good life Baba. Also bless my son with a good job. Baba he has been trying since a year. We have no one Lord, his father is an enemy living in our house. He tried to kill me Baba, but You saved me. I want to leave him Baba. Please help me and my son. We are in a country with no one to help or support. Financially too I am in lots of debt Baba. Baba save me and my son. You know everything Baba. Would like to come to Shirdi Baba that is my wish, whenever You call me and my son. My son’s medication is giving him side effects. Baba please heal him so that he can lead a normal life without medication. I believe in You Baba. Heal my son and bless my son Baba. You know my struggles Baba.

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