Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from Canada:

I am from Bangalore, India and now living in Canada. Thank you for this site; it gives me so much relief to pour my heart out to Baba. I am a firm believer of Baba.

I am in so many problems because of a woman. I helped her get job when she was a temporary worker. She is from Kerala and she used me and abused me. She became my supervisor using me and then as soon as that happened she turned around saying that I am lower than her and she doesn’t want to be friends with me. She comes from nothing so this got into her head. I worked for government for 14 years and now this woman using her wickedness is trying to get me out of there. She is very manipulative and liar with no moral. She ruined my life, my peace of mind and my health. I have been off since three months and with no pay since two months and in so much debt. Lord I filed for bullying and harassment against her and the manager who is a bully because of this lady.

Baba I have to start my work from July 2nd but due to the case I am in a different office which is good, but I am so scared as this woman is a manipulative liar and she will ruin my reputation there too. Baba please protect me and shield me so that the people there know who is at fault, also Baba let the truth prevail from the investigation. She should be transferred out as she was wishing that for me from day one. I am very helping and go out of the way to help but Baba now I am so scared and hesitant to do so. Baba I have been hurt. Baba, give me my job back with dignity and let the manager and the lady pay for her dirty deeds. Baba, help me. Baba help me to do my job without people like her harassing me; if not then get me out of this department Baba. It is a government job and I need it badly. At this age I can’t go looking for another job Baba. Baba, please help me from these evil people.

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