Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Om Sairam. I am a homemaker from India presently living in another country. Please do not disclose my name and email id.
Dear Sai. You have been my best and only friend apart from my family since the last decade. You know I have suffered from isolation ever since my college days even though I have always wanted everyone to be happy. I do not want my son to go through the same fate as me. I would be extremely grateful To you if You could provide him at least three or four close friends who are true to him and play with him every day.

I just pray to You to look after him and see that he is not isolated or bullied by anyone in school or in park. After shifting to the new place things were improving but for the past couple of months I am afraid that the things are not going smooth. Please guide us Sai and I would be very thankful if You could grant us with a couple of true and close friends. Please bless my husband, son, my mom, dad, grandma and also help me have smooth relationship with my in-laws. Please hold my hand and guide me in my career also as I absolutely do not have any idea what to do. You have given me indications and I am dependent on You. Please bless my son’s health and all our family members’ health. Om Said Rakshak Namaha.

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Pooja Garg
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  1. Baba, I am also praying to you to bless my daughter with 3-4 good friends. None of her friends are close to her anymore, they have formed their own friend groups and left her alone. Please help her Baba so that at least she gets 3-4 close friends. OmSaiRam

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