Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from UAE:

Dear Sairam, how are You? I hope You are fine. Thanks for calling me yesterday; actually I couldn’t ask You anything when I was in front of You. It was like a magic that You closed my mouth and I was enjoying seeing the beauty of You.

Now, let me say.
I’m done with my friend. Every time I had to talk to him after each fights. I am done now and no more contact with him. I blocked him everywhere, I feel sad but I know I’ll be ok soon. Though we both are different but I don’t know why You got us connected and wanted to give me this pain. There is no way for him to understand what I mean, he’ll never understand it and all he wants is to pull me to live with him in his home which is impossible. I respect his decision, it’s a typical family guy’s mentality but You know me well and it’s not possible. I tried all my best to convince him but all went in vain. Please forgive me if I had done any mistake and thanks for another such heart-break pain though You knew it well that I can’t tolerate.

All I can cry about is thinking about only my karma. I will blame neither him nor you. It’s my only karma which I had done in my last birth, so I’m getting punishments now. I want him to be happy with his life, his family will find a beautiful girl for him soon, please let him forget me and move on in his life. I wish he should get all blessings from You, please don’t punish him for anything. He is such a wonderful person as You knew it already. Anyway my karma didn’t allow me to live with him. I don’t know how I’m going to lead my life further; I can’t share the pain with anyone except You.

 I’m all alone now. Thanks for making me to be strong. Now ball is only in Your court, You are my saviour, You are my asylum, You are my dear good friend that I can share everything in this world, You are my guardian, You are my everything as long as I breathe on this earth. So, I let my life and future under Your holy feet. You decide what is best for me, You decide my life and make me act accordingly, that’s more than enough for me in this life. My heart is broken and shattered. I feel bleeding in my heart; I’m tired of explaining him. I’m done now. But it’s only You Who made me to do all these things. You are the One making me to act as per Your wishes so I did the same.

I am sure and hope that there will be some reasons behind this and You will let me know later some years but how am I going to pass this struggle now? Please show me a way. Please I beg You to show me my better half soon, I want to give all my love only to him. Please let us meet. I want to see him soon. Dear friend, please be with me whoever left, please wipe my tears, please save all the creatures as much as You can. Om Sairam.

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