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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Swati from India:

I am pregnant for the 2nd time but this time nothing is going well. Babaji please bless me with a healthy baby.
I am Swati from India truly a devotee of Babaji from 2018 and from that day everything is getting better only. I always pray to Baba in every situation and from mouth Sai Baba name comes. I have many experience like Baba given me job but still struggling for my right – the love and care of my husband. In my husband’s life I am no where and nothing. As the family knows that he doesn’t listen to me they do not give value. They used to make difference between us. Now 6 years have passed of my marriage but situation is same.

 Now coming to the prayer:
Baba has given me a hope this time as I am pregnant once again with my 2 child. I have a blessed son of 4 years but I am O negative and in 2nd child everyone said that there must be some complication. Now 3rd month is running. Suddenly on Saturday some bleeding started. I don’t know the reason and so called the doctor. He gave medicine as due to the lockdown hospital was closed. Bleeding stopped.

 Sai I don’t have caring husband .Even due to continuous vomiting if I sleep without food no one cares. Babaji please give me a healthy baby without any complication and make me healthy too. Sai please make my husband caring. Let he make me his priority. Please pray for me. I really wanted a way to forward my message to Baba. So written here as this website is very pure.

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