Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from New Zealand:
Om Sairam. This platform has given me immense faith while going through difficult situations.

Coming to my experience as I already mentioned that we have some problem with our car and its costing us way too much. Yesterday my husband had to handover the car once again to the mechanic because the problem still exists. Unfortunately my husband didn’t have a car to travel to work. He took the public transport but I was really worried because of this Covid situation. Sai help my husband and be by his side. He said there were very few people travelling in the bus but still I am concerned. Sai protect my husband. Om Sairam.

My next experience is about my relation with my relatives and friends. I am an introvert and its really hard for me to get along with people. I try to avoid going out as much as possible but still sometimes I had to attend few get together. My relatives always use us when they need something from us. I have been seeing this since childhood. As my dad didn’t have a proper job, my relatives had always used to treat us differently because we didn’t have our own house and had only enough money to run our family. But still my mom always with a positive attitude took us to all the family gatherings. As years passed by I was having discomfort to go and meet my relatives and even till today they all have same opinion on my family.

I really feel bad because my parents struggled so much in their life but still gave us better education and now me and my sibling are settled abroad. But my relatives still use us like a puppet. Seeing these things since childhood I don’t like to talk to anyone. But my mom always keeps telling me not to behave like that and to always give my best.

Now that one of my cousin uses me and my husband when she wants and later talks about us with others. Even my other cousin brother is the same. It’s because of him I lost a good friend of mine who was the one and only friend when I came to this country. Things were going really well between my friend’s family and us (me and my husband). The moment I introduced my brother to my friend’s family both my friend’s family and my brother became so close that things started falling apart and I stopped talking to both of them. Later my friend called and apologised me for what had happened but I lost complete trust. She started telling me about my brother’s family and that they were not talking to them and all. And once when I went to my friend’s place after all this drama suddenly I heard their kid telling about my brother’s family and then I realized that I was a fool to believe my friend.

Sai You know everything that is going around. Give us strength to face these obstacles with positivity. Sai You take care of these problems. Om Sairam.

Sai this month is really getting hard on us. Help us Sai. Left everything at Your lotus feet.

Om Sai Rakshaka Sharanam.
Om Shiridi Vasya Vidhmahi Sachidanandaya Dheemahi Thano Sai Prachodayat.

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    • Baba, I am also facing similar issues like this lady. All my friends have turned against me. I had very good friends for over 15 years and when she and another friend would meet at my house for poojas and social gatherings and soon they became friends and dumped me. Not only dumped me but started spreading rumors about me. Why Baba? Please help me get some new friends. I have no one i can call a friend. Please help. OmSaiRam

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