Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Baba help me out to get married to my love with my parents’ permission.
Baba what is happening in life is all because of You. Everything is under Your control. I am sure that You won’t leave me at all. You were with me so far and it should be the same forever. Baba I am in love with a person more than 9 years. Initially we both were not happy and lots of quarrels were there between us. Once we even had a breakup. But I prayed to You to get him back and kept a prayer that I should get him back only if get would be getting united in our life. You listened to my prayer and You favoured me. Now we both were in good understanding and cannot leave each other. Last year I told about my love to my parents. They were so angry. They didn’t ask about him or his job or family but all they need is caste. 

We both belong to different castes. He spoke to my parents twice but they were not convinced. Why because they don’t need boy of another caste? Baba You Yourself are away from all caste and religion. You see all as common, they why people You created are like this? I will get convinced if I have chosen a wrong guy but the only reason for my parents to avoid him is caste. I can’t leave him Baba. His parents are supportive while all are against me in my family. After knowing about my love my parents forced me to leave my job, took me to native and kept me there for more than 7 months. I struggle d a lot to come back to my residence. 
Now again he spoke to my parents. They said no and also either to leave home or get married to guy whom they show. My guy asked me to come with him but I refused to leave my parents and asked him to wait for some more days. He said, “Ok, but I’m sure that your parents will not accept as they are very much concerned about caste.” But this time we are facing lot of struggles. I said that I would not marry anyone. My parents were crying hardly and my relatives are pouring some more oil in the fire. 
I don’t want to see them crying but at the same time I can’t leave him. I need both of them. At this instance my relatives are forcing my parents to get me back to the native. If it happens I don’t have any other option than going with my guy because I can’t come back once I go to my native. Baba please do some miracles in our life, I need my parents and my guy. I need both of them. Please do some miracles Baba. I kneel down in front of You and ask You to help me. Everything will be alright if they come out of caste and thats in Your hand. Baba, please make my parents understand and keep them happy Baba.

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