Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Baba please help, I am feeling helpless at times.
Dear devotees, I am a small devotee of Baba from last 10 years or so.
Hi Baba, I am feeling really helpless with not knowing what to prioritize and what not to. While my utmost priority should be giving time to my kid, I am unable to do so; attending to work needs. My husband as well wants me to continue working which I understand given the situation but till how long God. I am giving my 100% but with such political people around, it’s not easy to go through.

 I really think whatever I have really wanted in my life; the opposite has always happened. Why God why? I might not be the best of the persons but in my own ways I try to do the little things to keep myself humane but why I have to go through all these? None to even share these feelings.
 My husband does not understand my views at all. With whom will I share these when he doesn’t understand at all. You know the main worry which has been bothering me. I guess people who have suffered a lot continue to. Not just me. I have seen this with a friend as well. He did not deserve the similar problems in his family. Why Sai? 
While we think something this way, some other problem comes for which I will forget the rest of the problems and start praying You for that. I don’t know Sai, just felt very sad and so shared. Whatever be it, no other way than You for Your devotees Sai. Please show some way.

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