Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am a Sai devotee and an ardent believer of Sai Baba miracles, His love for His devotees.
Sai Baba You are aware of my feelings. I am feeling very lost and constantly worry about my career and health. I am not at peace because of the approach of the person whom I am reporting to. I live in constant fear that she may cause harm to my image and career. I have also gone down health wise because of lack of rest and inhospitable work culture due to her approach. It’s affecting me mentally. I fear for my life due to multiple health conditions I have landed myself in working under her in this one year. No vacation, working on holidays and Sundays too. There is lot of humiliation by her in meetings. 

 Sai Baba, I feel bad for my loving soulmate, who has been constantly supporting me however is too getting impacted due to my health. I no longer have that energy with which I use to work a lot. I get tired easily and gasp for breath. This is mentally depressing for me. Financially I want to support our family and with current health condition and lack of mental peace, I am so confused regarding my continuation of work. Please guide me, please Sai Prabhu show me the right path.

Please remove all negative feelings from her mind so that she doesn’t cause harm to me mentally and give her wisdom to understand people’s concerns, respect their personal space and time. Guide her Prabhu. 

 Sai Prabhu, give some insight to my husband’s boss to elevate his salary so that I can leave the job and take some rest to heal myself physically and mentally. Prabhu bless our family with the financial freedom to pursue our dream house. Sai Baba, guide us and give us the strength to support people in need. 
 Sai Baba keep my brothers and bhabhi safe and healthy. Please bless my parents and my in-laws with good health and long life.

Bless me and my husband to lead a peaceful, healthy and long life to pursue our dreams. 

Sai Prabhu bless my son and my niece too with wisdom, good health and long life. Be with me Sai Baba always like an elder brother, protecting me. Sai Baba please for once give me darshan and let my husband also experience Your miracles and presence.

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