Kindly Remove Black Magic From My Home – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Om Sairam everyone. I am a Doctor.
Om Sairam, only hope for me is You Sai Baba. I am facing too many problems in my life, people think that I am a blessed one but in reality Takkalki family cheated me and my family., My parents are very innocent and they do good to even the worst people. Since few years none of my work is being done.

Sometimes aliens, men, female dressed like me used to come in the night between 12 to 3 they hold my neck. My bed shakes. Being a doctor I thought it to be Psychological problem. My brother asked me to sleep on the floor. There also I was shaken up and down as if the floor was moving, met with multiple accidents although saved and I always feel sick. I used to feel like running away from job. If any relatives want to help me somehow they are troubled. I got suspicious things beneath bed in our home. A saint had sent one person to our home who told me that black magic had been done on me due to my education and it will remain lifelong. No person will be in my favour and I should have been dead by now. He told that he will solve but my dad told God will solve our problem. People involved in my problem are my Dodappa(uncle’s wife) and my brother’s wife. My uncle’s wife had targeted my mom a doctor and made her dumb but due to Shree Pundalingeshwar krupa she started speaking, but now she along with my sister-in-law is targeting us. Sai Baba I come from a respectable family. My grandfather used to feed many needy, my dad has done 50 years free social service, my mom also helped many and still we are targeted. I am fed up.

Baba kindly remove the black magic from my home. I can’t tell our problem to anyone as we come from good family background. You are the only One Who can help me. If I go to the temple also I face problem. If I want to help someone I face problem. Kindly help me Sai Baba. My salary amount also is used by my sister- in-law. They have us like a robot to listen to them, although God has saved me multiple times but still I have lost my peace of mind. Kindly help me Sai Baba as You are the only hope for me.

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