Prayer For Health Issues Of Me And My Daughter – Sai Devotee Sheena Saju

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Sheena Saju from India:

I am Sheena, I live in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. I am working.
My daughter is suffering from ovarian cyst, painful periods, vomiting etc. and was advised to undergo an emergency surgery. But since she is a student, as per my friend’s advice, I took her to Homeo hospital and she is undergoing treatment since seven to eight months. She will undergo one scan after 20th Sept. I request Baba to remove the cyst completely.

 I am also facing with some issues in my right breast which is having a yellowish discharge for the last one month. I am also taking Homeo medicines. I did mammogram and ultrasound which showed nothing. Even pathology report has nothing to detect. But this yellowish discharge, each and every day upsets me though I know deep in my heart, that there is nothing to worry. I request Baba to cure this permanently without any further complications/surgery. 

 My husband is a cancer survivor (2012). He is having pain in his right hand. Bones are paining. Right side of his tongue was affected. He underwent a surgery and radiation. I request Baba to take care of him also.
He has no job/work. Because of Corona issues, his work is suffering and he is not getting any new work. He is running a maintenance company in partnership with a friend. He has two persons helping him, whose salary and other requirements could not be taken care of.
Baba, I am sorry as I have lots of prayers which need Your urgent blessings. Before winding up, I thank You for each and every other blessing in my life. Thanks Baba. I love You.
Sheena Saju

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