Sai Please Help To Get Back My Money – Sai Devotee Meeragmenon

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Meeragmenon from India:
Sai Ram,
I am Meeragmenon, retired school teacher from a private school.
Om Sai Ram! One of my friends sent me a pamphlet of Sadhya. I ordered it and that’s how my friendship started and he started sending lunch free every Sunday morning. One day he dropped in and told me that I was capable of starting a business, and he said to pay him Rs. 65,000, I don’t know what happened that moment that I handed over the cheques and paid through Google Pay. 

Later I realized that I was cheated as I was not capable of doing business which was not my job. Then I called him a few days later and told him to give back the money that I gave him. He started talking very rudely and started saying anything about my Sai Baba, which I didn’t like and I asked him for giving back my money. In between he sent me three cheques which I deposited in my bank account. A few days later I got a call and message from the bank saying that it got bounced. I called him and he told me that there was no money. I asked him why he gave cheques then. He is a business man (Full Tokri) Sadhya and breakfast and meals he serves from Monday to Saturday and Sunday Sadhya. But till today he has not given back my money. Please help me Sai Baba. Sairam! Om Sairam.

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