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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From India:

I need You Sai and thank You. I am such a small Sai devotee. My life is fully dependent on Sai and I need Your prayers for me. Please Baba.

Om Sairama to everyone. Thank You so much Sai Baba ji for everything whatever You have done in my life Baba. I am literally crying while writing this. Sai ji, You know with a lot difficulty and Your grace I could get over from Amit Sai. I started thinking to move on. It took almost four years. Sai ji, You know I started talking to a boy. Everything was going perfect, Baba. What is the issue? Is it from my side that I’m getting influenced and asking him questions to get married because I am almost 29 and he is 27. Sai I understand his situation also but we met on matrimonial site so it was intentional meeting Sai. Sai he says let us talk atleast for one year but Sai You know that one year for me. Somewhere I feel that am I again fooling myself. Sai ji I can’t make everyone understand here. I don’t know that what You worte in my fate Baba but in this world I see only You as my hope, Sai. I’m crying because I feel that Meera spoiled it. Sai ji I want him because for me jumping from one to another is not easy my, Sai Baba.

Please Baba make everything fine and may he get feelings for me for marriage. Sai ji, please and You know that I cannot go to Australia. He is scared of lockdown situation and cannot keep me on hold for four years. Baba I do not even know the reality but that person is good. Baba, I do not know if he started talking to someone else or not. Please pray for me devotees if he’s talking to another one then make him leave that one and make his mind Shri Saiji to marry me. Please make him confirm and come to India to marry me and make his parents agree and mine also. Sai ji please. Sai if Meera did intentionally wrong with me then please save my relationship with Vijit, Sai. Please Baba make everything alright. Sai ji, please make up Vijit’s mind. Baba I want him to feel for me and call me, talk to me first. Baba I know You will make him do so. Thank You Baba. Thank you dear devotees. May Sai ji bless you all. Sai, I need You because I have no one in my life. Sai, please make Vijit’s heart fall for me soon. Baba, please start it again strongly. Thank You Baba. Love You. Sai Baba make a way for us.

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