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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From India:

I am such a small devotee of You Sai Baba and I need You a lot. My Sai, please help me and bless me.

 Om Sairam to everyone. My life has been filled with disappointments, blames and stabs. It was only Sai ji Who came forward and saved me from this fake and cruel world. I am crying while typing this. I know that how much it was deadly difficult for me. Hey Sai Baba thank You so much for everything and I am really sorry for everything. Sai ji although everything is in Your hands Saiyaa but You know that after so long a person came into my life and I also liked him a lot, Saiyaa. Baba, I am almost 30. Shri Sai neither have much time nor I feel so fast to fall for someone. Sai baba Vijit’s mother is going to get our kundalis checked. Baba, please make everything get matched. Please Baba, make our kundalis matching like everything Sai ji otherwise there is no chance. My heart will get break Sai ji. I do not want to get cheated also and Vinit is a loyal boy that is what I feel. Sai, please make a miracle. Shri Sai, please make everything perfect and match our Kundalis and make everyone agree for the marriage and please do make Vijit fall for me. Shri Sai, please. Thank You, Baba.

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