Please Make My Pregnancy Fruitful- Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From India:

I am a person who wants to be a mother.

Om Sai Ram!
I am a 35 years old woman. Last year I got pregnant first time in life but unfortunately had a miscarriage. Suddenly the heartbeat of my baby had gone. It was 2 months pregnancy. After that I kept faith on Baba and with His grace I again got good news on 14th Jan 2022 that I was pregnant. Today on 25th Jan I had my first scan. But according to the doctor there was no foetal pole and no heartbeat till now. I feel devastated again. Here they told me to wait for 10 days and then again to check. I pray Baba to please make my pregnancy fruitful. Please give life to my baby and give me and my family happiness.

There is a burden on my heart which I want to share. On 15th Jan 2022 just after a day I checked via preganews. I had a dream that my husband had taken a photo frame of Ganesh ji and one another God which I don’t remember to our house and hanged on wall and I disrespectfully removed the photo and said Him to give it back to the shopkeeper.

He gave it back and took back the money and gave it to me. I explained to shopkeeper that I love and pray Ganesh ji and other God but I don’t like pictures of God to be hanged in my house. Then my eyes opened. From that day I was feeling shameful and also asked for forgiveness from Ganeshji and another God many times but can’t feel that they have forgiven me. Also asked help from Sai Baba ji. Also I pray to please ask forgiveness for my mistake from Ganesh ji and other God which I committed in dream.

Actually according to Jains we don’t want to do ashatna of our Gods by keeping their photos which we can’t keep well for long time. I don’t know what to do. Please help for making my Ganesh ji and another God to forgive me and also make my pregnancy real. Ganesh ji please help and other God ji also, please help me. Baba, please help.
Om Sai Ram!

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