Sai Baba Please Listen To My Prayers- Anonymous Sai Devotee

Sai Baba Please Listen To My Prayers- Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From Australia:

Why are the things not in my favour?

Om Sai Ram, Baba why are the things not in my favour? I have been praying for last 3 years. I have been waiting for my invitation from Western Australia for last 2 months. I had hopes and prayed to Baba for getting either 190 or 491 visa invitation which would lead to PR but now it seems that things are shattered as I do not have high points to be called for. People are getting invitation and on checking web site my points are nowhere close to be called.
Now I find only one option that is to apply 494 (employer sponsorship visa) in which I need to work night shifts for 5 years and company is willing so that I work with them for 5 years of night shifts before I apply for PR. I am really lost and shattered. Baba, please guide me and show me a way.
I really wanted 190/491 so that we would qualify for Medicare as it would cover the medical expenses. My wife is expecting so regular check-up and other expenses are not covered by insurance. Also we wanted to secure life of our son and future baby in Australia but now it seems that we will have to return to our home country. Additionally I wanted to move to day work as my health is deteriorating after working for the night shifts and wanted to give more time to family.
I always wanted to think positive and I always believe in Baba, however He is testing me and I am shattered and smashed with no hopes around. Why me, Baba?

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